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Place: Maldives

Persons:2(honeymoon suite),1-8

Package price:1,00,000,50,000

Days:4 days ,3 nights

Place: paris

Persons:2(honeymoon suite),1-8

Package price:1,50,000,75,000

Days:4 days ,4 nights

Place: Singapore

Persons:2(honeymoon suite),1-8

Package price:250,000,1,00,000

Days:7 days ,6 nights

                                          Place: Dubai

Persons:2(honeymoon suite),1-6

Package price:1,00,000,50,000

Days:5 days ,4 nights

Place: Bora Bora Island

Persons:2(honeymoon suite),1-4

Package price:2,00,000,1,50,000

Days:7 days ,7 nights