healthy coconut cookies placed one above the other and a half munched cookie beside

Coconut cookies

These coconut cookies are healthy and packed with nutrients. These are the perfect grab-n-go kind of cookies that are super satisfying and tasty.

Healthy oatmeal cookies placed one above the other in batches

Oatmeal cookies

Loading the mixing bowl with whole grain flours, like oat meal and whole wheat flour is a healthier way to make cookies as they provide extra fiber. more

Healthy chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are super fudgy and have an amazing rich flavor. They’re crispy on the outsides with a super soft center.

Healthy ragi cookies placed one above the other

Ragi cookies

Ragi, also known as finger millet or nachani, is a whole grain that is extremely nutritious and healthy. There is a blend of oats in it and for sweetness jaggery syrup is used.

Healthy gluten free protein bars with peanut butter and choco chips aside

Protein Bars

Protein bars are nutritious, simple and a ready to eat snack. These contain high amounts of protein and fiber which keeps you fuller.

Healthy pudding contains pomegranate,walnuts,greek yogurt, oats

Healthy Pudding

Healthy parfait are absolute solutions to your cravings and also you don't have to compromise on taste.

Healthy carrot muffins with some walnuts on top

Carrot muffins

Vegan, gluten-free carrot muffins loaded with fruit and veggies. Super moist and flavorful, healthy recipe.

Healthy multigrain sandwich contains sprouts avocado and other veggies in between gluten gree breads

Multigrain sandwich

Everyone loves a sandwich with lots of fillings .So hers's this Multigrain sandwich with healthy twist.

Healthy besan ladoos on a bowl

Beasan ladoos

Healthy Besan Ladoo or Besan ke Laddu is a popular Indian sweet made from gram flour, Jaggery and clarified butter (ghee).

healthy ragi ladoos

Ragi ladoos

Ragi Ladoo made with Finger millet flour, Jaggery, Peanuts and sesame seeds. Healthy Diwali Sweet with all the indulgence and none of the guilt.

healthy til sesame ladoos

Sesame(til) ladoos

Til ladoos are delightfully rich dessert with earthy sesame seeds and buttery rich jaggery. This quick recipe uses grated jaggery and easy steps to achieve the authentic flavors.

healthy coconut ladoos

Coconut ladoos

Coconut Ladoo is an easy Indian dessert recipe made with desiccated coconut, coconut milk, little bit of honey and cardamom and ready in less than 20 minutes.

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