A simple guide to wear appropriate Men’s Jewellery for every occasions!

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Men’s interest towards Jewellery is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Not only Women but Men are also flaunting in their fashionable and stylish look with Male Jewellery. Men’s Fashion Jewellery enhances the bold attitude within men. Men’s fashion Jewellery mainly includes Men’s Earrings, Men’s Chains and Necklaces and Men’s Bracelets and Rings. The key to look attractive is to wear the right Jewellery for the appropriate occasions.

Earrings speaks on behalf of You!

Men’s Earrings has been in fashion since the ancient times. Earrings can make you look attractive and different from rest of the group. But it is important to know the right occasion to wear the right kind of earrings. We can wear a set of Traditional earrings for family or religious Functions. Ear Studs for men can be wore for casual hangouts and outings with friends and families. You can pick from Studs, Hoop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Barbells or Magnetic earrings if you don’t have a piercing. Simple Gold or Stone earrings can wore for office (if no restrictions). Funky Dangle earrings or Studs can be wore for more casual use.

Jewellery Chains is not only for women!

Men’s Chains and Necklaces makes the man look dominant at the same time makes him more fashionable. A simple gold, silver or platinum chain will bring up the elegant look in Man. Not to worry if you want to go cost effective, you can still rock your elegant look with metal chains. You can select from wide range metal chains from Rope Steel chains, Curb Chains, Figaro Chains, Box Chains, and Thick Chain Necklaces. For a more casual and cooler look you can wear Beaded Chain Necklaces, Lockets or Pendants.

Bracelets for right occasions!

Bracelets are trendy and showcases your personality. It is important to wear the right kind of bracelets for right occasions. For a casual look, travelling so on, you can sport in Leather Bracelets or Rope Bracelets. Leather bracelets makes you look more appealing. You can also rock with beaded bracelets providing a uniqueness to your personality. Coming to Metal Bracelets, there are two types one more casual and funkier. Other being simple which suits with the formal wear.

Gift yourself a Ring

Rings gives a Royalty look; a simple ring can make you demand respect from others. Male Rings makes you look stylish and smart. To add more uniqueness to yourself you can go for Zamak and Signet Rings, bringing out the fashion in you. Gemstone rings can also enhance your look. But always a wear a simple Ring for a formal look.

Written by Roopesh Kumar

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